Onça Pintada

Taste Notes
Cherry Cola, Toffee Apple, Caramelized Nuts

One-third of our Gesha Series is extra special as it comes from our good friends at Fazenda Mió. The first Gesha they have harvested showcases the innovation and dedication of the entire team at Mió. We love it as both a filter and espresso. A prefectly balanced brew. 


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About the coffee

This is Mió's inaugural Gesha production, cultivated as a small garden in 2021 and harvested during the 2023/2024 season. Gesha, a relatively new Arabica variety for Brazilian farms, presents challenges due to its preference for high altitudes and colder climates, unlike Mió's location. These plots demand significant attention, managed by a dedicated team of nine women led by Valquíria Ribeiro.

The coffee, named Onça Pintada after one of Brazil's largest native cats, is processed as a Natural, enhancing its fruity and citrus aromas while maintaining sweetness. This offering strengthens our direct relationship with Fazenda Mió, promising a series of unique varietals and processes alongside our staple offerings. The Onça Pintada lot originates from a protected, untouched forest within the farm, harbouring diverse selection of wildlife




Fazenda Mio


950-1050 MASL





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