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Nespresso® Compatible Compostable Pods

Colombia, Ethiopia
Taste Notes
Dark Chocolate, Morello cherry, candied orange

Introducing the Palace Blend, a true stalwart of the Fireheart community. Our characterful, living blend changes with the seasons yet is utterly dependable and always reassuringly indulgent. Now in convenient Nespresso® compatible pods!

Almost 30 billion pods make their way into landfills every year. We are happy to say that our Nespresso Compatible pods are 100% Biodegradable and plastic-free. They break down in 6-10 weeks, not 500 years! Better coffee, that's also better for the planet.


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“The palace blend is awesome”

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“I'm absolutely hooked”

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Founders notes

At Fireheart, we live and breath coffee

Coffee should make life better, not more complicated. So we put all our energy into delivering the best coffee in the simplest way. The best coffee is fresh coffee and that means seasonal beans roasted to order.

We pour our positive energy into everything we do: from sourcing the best seasonal beans that support farmers and producers, to the way we do business closer to home; the packaging we use and the way we help you choose the coffee that's best for you.

We don't follow trends. We make coffee for everyone. Our coffee is seasonal and ever-changing because that's how to get the freshest brew. Nothing more complicated than that. It's our living coffee philosophy.

And we look forward to sharing a coffee with you soon.