Noé López

Taste Notes
Lemon Blossom, White Peach, Dulce de Leche

One-third of our Gesha Series comes from legendary farmer Noe Lopez, the only one of 12 farmers to cultivate the Gesha plant in 2012. This special coffee exhibits delicate tea-like qualities of Bergamot and Lemon that shine through an Aeropress or Espresso brew.

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About the coffee

Noé López, a 75-year-old coffee farmer from the La Prosperidad Cooperative in the San Ignacio Province of north-eastern Peru, tends to his farm at 1760 meters above sea level. His legacy holds a special place in Peruvian coffee due to his pioneering cultivation of the Gesha variety. Noé’s unwavering dedication to coffee farming spans six decades, and his expertise is epitomized in this exquisite Geisha coffee, a testament to his lifelong commitment.

In 2014, Noé was one of 12 farmers in Peru to receive a batch of 70 Geisha coffee seeds. He emerged as the only farmer to master cultivating the Geisha plants, unlocking their unique characteristics. Noé’s success marked a turning point for the Peruvian speciality industry, sparking a decade of varietal and process innovation among Peruvian coffee farmers. His Geisha coffee earned him 2nd Place in the SSP awards, a testament to his exceptional contribution and a celebration of smallholder farmers.




Noe Lopez


1760 MASL





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