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In the past when someone mentioned Colombian coffee beans it would make most people think of Colombian dark-roast coffee, but we’ve discovered that this country is about so much more than a style (and it’s not just about dark roast in any case... Colombian beans are delicious as a medium roast too!), it actually produces some of the finest quality beans around.

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3 products

Let’s hear it for Colombia

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Colombia is a relatively micro-scale and new coffee-producing nation yet has a large and well-earned reputation for quality. It’s output may be smaller than some of it’s South American neighbours but it’s reach is mighty. Time and time again Colombian Coffee garners respect from coffee insiders the world over and it is often the Colombian coffee suppliers and Colombian coffee companies that have the most highly- prized beans at the most illustrious global coffee trade markets.

Luckily for us at Fireheart, we have got our hands on some of the best Colombian whole bean coffee in the UK and use it in our unmistakable Staples - Palace Blend and Popayan Decaf - as well as our Showstoppers Sebastian Gomez and Luis Anibal. We also supply Colombian coffee pods for both our Palace Blend and Popayan Decaf. So whether you’re an aficionado or a novice to Colombian coffee, we have a great seasonal selection for you to order and discover.

A bit of back history for you: coffee was brought to Colombia towards the end of the 18th century with commercial production beginning in the early 19th century.

It only grows the more-premium Arabica plant, and while the Andes creates numerous microclimates perfect for coffee production its steep, mountainous topography is vulnerable to erosion and not conducive to intense cultivation.

As a result, the country’s 500,000 small-scale producers, tend to farm by hand, putting emphasis on quality rather than quantity of crop. Which perhaps explains why we have a particular soft spot for Colombian coffees at Fireheart.

Tasting Notes: Body, sweetness, medium acidity
Harvested: all year round thanks to its numerous microclimates

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