Popayan Decaf

Taste Notes
Golden Syrup, Malt Biscuit, Dried Apricot

A genuine smooth operator flowing with sweet, mellow vibes, our Popayan Decaf embodies the laid-back spirit of Colombia.


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About the coffee

We've chosen Popayan Decaf E.A for its taste of course, but also for it's Natural Decaffeination or E.A method.

First, it's beans are steamed and washed with water to increase moisture content. Then they get a 'fermented sugar bath' dissolving the caffeine, before being washed again and carefully dried.

This preserves the beans original flavour, and can often increase sweetness in the cup, which is why we here at Fireheart have selected it over other methods. No chemicals, full taste. "Que Chimba!"*


This is the best decaf you’re ever going to taste. We’ve searched the world for the right coffee beans for our decaf and we’ve found them in Colombia, in the Popayan region to be precise. 

The beans have been naturally decaffeinated for all of the flavour and natural coffee characteristics without the kick. If you want to keep it mellow and zen, then these are the beans for you.





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Caturra, Castillo, Variedad Colombia


Ethel acetate decaf

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