Taste the journey of Fireheart's La Senda Coffee: all the way from Guatemala and roasted to perfection, these speciality beans are the result of generations of hard, dedicated work. Packed with passion for coffee, these beans emanate the vibrant energy of Central America, making them a sought-after coffee lovers’ favourite and a Fireheart special.

The plantation of Finca La Senda

Arnoldo Perez Melendez and his wife Maria Eugenia Escobar operate Finca la Senda, the small farm which is the source of this monumental coffee.

80 years ago, Arnoldo’s father built the farm which sits approximately 1500-2070 meters above sea level. Today, these beans are highly sought after on a global scale for their unique taste, bright flavours and exceptional quality.

Finca la Senda offers high quality soil, ample rainfall and access to sunshine which ensures that the coffee cherries produced are vibrant and full of flavour. With 25 hectares of land, Arnoldo and Maria moved from supplying coffee cherries locally to producing highly sought-after specialty coffee for the international market. While Arnoldo is known for experimenting with processing techniques and drying protocols, each La Senda harvest has been sustainably cultivated to ensure a consistently excellent product.

The ultimate Guatemalan coffee taste

Guatemalan coffee has a distinct flavour profile, and La Senda is no different. Central American coffee beans are known to have a full, rich taste with soft, sweet undertones. When brewed correctly, you can relish Guatemalan coffee tasting notes of blackcurrant, toffee and tonic.

Serving suggestion

If you have your own grinder and want to enjoy premium, fresh, living coffee with every cup, it’s recommended to purchase your freshly roasted beans whole and grind them fresh, per cup. Depending on your ideal flavour and consistency, La Senda coffee can be brewed to your preference:

  • Coarse - Ideal for cafetiere or French press aficionados. Leave your coffee grind to brew for about four minutes before plunging and resist the temptation to stir the coffee for best results!
  • Medium - Is there something more cathartic than drip-brewing your coffee with a V60? Not only does it yield a tasty cup of coffee but, for the 2-3 minutes it will take you to prepare it, you will look good doing it.
  • Fine - The coarseness of choice if you enjoy using an AeroPress, or an Espresso machine. Get that pure, almost undistilled, explosion of flavour with every cup.

Brewing Fireheart's La Senda with an AeroPress

Order your Fireheart La Senda Coffee today as pre-ground or whole beans, or browse our wider range of coffees to find the perfect brew for you.