In Ethiopia, coffee is more than just an export, it’s a tradition. Ethiopians spend hours drinking coffee as it’s an integral part of social connection within communities. This closeness can be tasted in every cup of Adola coffee.

Fireheart's Adola Coffee

From Ethiopia to England

Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of arabica coffee. With rich soil and lush vegetation, coffee trees thrive in Ethiopia’s environment, even after all these years.

Adola is a small region of Ethiopia where these heirloom varietal beans are cultivated at an altitude of 1500-2200 meters above sea level. These Ethiopian coffee beans are then naturally processed to preserve the authentic Ethiopian flavour and intensity.

To deliver this exceptional bean to you, we work with a network of exporters and importers who ensure the safety of the beans transport and storage alongside maintaining excellent relationships with the farmers. By paying at least 50% over the Fairtrade price, we ensure the farmers and their employees are compensated for their crops and maintain our promise of sustainable sourcing.

Farming Fireheart Adola Coffee Beans

The taste of Ethiopian style coffee

Our Ethiopian coffee beans are naturally processed, allowing the juicy, floral flavours to shine through along with the intensity of the Arabica bean that Ethiopia is known for.

Adola coffee has exceptional fruity flavours and when brewed correctly, you can expect tasting notes of blueberries, honeycomb and vanilla.

Serving suggestion

While Ethiopian communities will roast and grind the beans themselves as part of the ritual, you can receive your beans roasted to perfection. It’s recommended to order your Adola Coffee as whole beans to ensure the optimum freshness, but pre-ground options are available too.

The Ethiopian style of drinking coffee allows participants to have sugar, but no milk, and coffee is to be enjoyed with the company of friends and family. But we’ll leave how you enjoy Adola coffee up to you (company included):

  • Coarse - Ideal for cafetiere or French press aficionados. Leave your coffee grind to brew for about four minutes before plunging and resist the temptation to stir the coffee for best results! (Fireheart’s Thomas highly recommends using a French press for brewing Adola Coffee!)
  • Medium - Is there something more cathartic than drip-brewing your coffee with a V60? Not only does it yield a tasty cup of coffee but, for the 2-3 minutes it will take you to prepare it, you will look good doing it.
  • Fine - The coarseness of choice if you enjoy using an AeroPress, or an Espresso machine. Get that pure, almost undistilled, explosion of flavour with every cup.
Fireheart Coffee’s Adola enjoyed with friends and family as is Ethiopian tradition

Order your Fireheart Adola Coffee today as pre-ground or whole beans, or browse our wider range of coffees to find the perfect brew for you.