FAQs - Fireheart Pods

Which machines are Fireheart pods compatible with?

Our pods are compatible with most Nespresso-compatible machines but if you’re not sure about your machine, please contact our team here quoting your machine’s model or make for a second opinion.

How many Pods do I get in a box?

We have two options for purchasing our pods: a sample box of 10 pods (only one trial per plan), and a full box of 50 Fireheart Pods.

How much do Fireheart pods cost?

Fireheart Pods boxes of 50 pods cost £26.95 per single purchase, or £24.95 as a part of a subscription. This includes free postage and packing.

You can also buy a sample box of 10 pods for £5 for your first box by opting for a ‘Trial Plan’. After the trial box has been dispatched, your Plan will then schedule orders for 50-pod boxes going forward.

Note: the sample box can only be chosen by setting up a subscription and you can only have one sample box per subscription.

How much coffee does each Fireheart pod make?

Our pods are designed with a double-espresso in mind, brewing around 35ml of coffee per short pour, we recommend using 2 pods for all milk-based drinks.

What’s the ‘best before’ on my Fireheart Pods?

You’ll find the best before date printed on the back of your box of pods. We recommend enjoying them within 6 months from this date, however they are still delicious to drink for up to 9 months.

How long do Fireheart pods take to pour?

A single shot should take between 20 – 25 seconds to pour.

Fireheart Pods will take slightly longer to brew than Nespresso own-brand pods do - this is simply to ensure a great even extraction of our medium roast coffee. We’re really proud of our Fireheart coffee and have worked hard to deliver that same experience in a pod – we’re really pleased with the results. We hope you are too!

Will using Fireheart Pods affect the warranty on my machine?

No, you’re fine – currently using other brands of pods does not invalidate any warranty on Nespresso-compatible machines.

How do I store my pods?

We recommend storing your Fireheart pods in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Our pods are individually protectively sealed, so you can remove them from their box and store them in your own container without affecting their freshness in any way.