Think about the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. The fragrant smell, rich flavour, smooth texture. Remember the feeling you got from drinking it... and how much you wish you could enjoy that calibre of coffee every day. 

What if we told you that you can?

From filter papers and pouring kettles to using the correct grind, every detail matters when it comes to how to make good coffee. Not only that, but coffee is a living, seasonal crop. To get the most out of every cup, it should be consumed fresh, which means adapting your coffee choice to the right season.

If this sounds complicated to you, don’t worry. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home isn’t rocket science. Just like brewing a good cup of tea, it’s simple once you know how — and this article will turn you into a coffee brewing expert faster than you can say ‘coffee beans’!

Provided you have some good quality, freshly roasted coffee and the right utensils, you can easily make the perfect cup of coffee at home every single day.

Choose coffee that’s alive with flavour

First thing’s first: show-stopping coffee starts with choosing a decent coffee bean or grind in the first place.

Coffee is a seasonal crop. And like all living crops, it has an expiry date and is best consumed fresh. Fireheart sources coffee seasonally, meaning all our products are available at the right time of year for you to enjoy the best coffee drinking experience. Fresh, living coffee like this can make you feel alive... when brewed correctly.

The type of coffee alone is not the whole story. Just like any job, it’s important you have the correct tools and method. Once you do, you’ll see how easy it is to make an exceptional cup of coffee.

Equip yourself with the right tools for the job

To make excellent coffee you need a few key utensils. Digital kitchen scales, a timer (or your phone), and a pouring kettle. That’s it! Just follow our brew guides and you’ll get a delicious cup every time.


This is single-serving, syringe-like brewer that creates pressure by forcing water through coffee and  paper filters. Think of the Aeropress as a Cafetiere and V60 hybrid. All you need for this is a strong coffee mug to hold the brewer, AeroPress paper filters (smaller than regular filters), 15g finely ground coffee, 200ml water and an additional 50ml to finish off. Brew time, approximately 2 minutes.



These produce a dense, viscous coffee with more body than other brewing methods. Patience is key when brewing with a Cafetiere: leaving the grounds to steep for longer only makes your brew taste better. For a 1-litre cafetiere, all you need is 65g coarse coffee and 1-litre of filtered water, just off the boil. Brew time 8 minutes.



Due to the thickness of the filters, a Chemex coffee brewer produces a cleaner coffee with very little sediment. You’ll need approximately 30g medium to fine ground coffee, 500ml of filtered water which is gradually added and Chemex filters. The water percolates through the filter slowly. Allow a brew time of 4 to 5 minutes.


Moka Pot

This is a metal, stove-top kettle pot that produces a strong, espresso-like, coffee. Depending on the size of your pot, you’ll need fresh, finely ground coffee, a tea towel to handle the hot pot and enough water to fill the water chamber. Brew time is when the pot starts to gurgle.



This is a slow drip coffee maker delivers a lighter, delicately flavoured coffee, ideally used with single-origin coffee beans. Everything about the V60 is gradual, from the pouring to the percolation. You’ll need 15g of medium-fine ground coffee, 250ml of filtered water, just off the boil (added gradually) and a gooseneck kettle, which helps your pour the water at an even flow rate. Brew time 2 to 3 minutes.


Great coffee, every day

With easy access to fresh, organic and flavourful beans and products, you can now brew the perfect cup of coffee at home, every time. 

From beans to grinders and special gifts, shop Fireheart Coffee products today.