All the way from La Divisa farm in Colombia, Sebastian Gomez is known worldwide for his passion for experimental and exceptional coffee. Farmed at 1700-1750 meters above sea level, this Pink Bourbon coffee is as delicious as it is rare.

Whether you only have a cup of coffee on occasion or you’re a regular drinker, Sebastian Gomez is one of those coffees you won’t forget.

Fireheart's Sebastian Gomez coffee

The tantalising flavour of Pink Bourbon coffee, fresh from Colombia

The Pink Bourbon variety is an Arabica bean. As it requires care and attention to grow, it’s rare to come by and highly sought-after among coffee roasters. When picked, the natural drying process implants an almost boozy fruitiness into the beans.

Farming Fireheart Sebastian Gomez Coffee Beans

From Colombia to the UK, the beans undergo a sustainable journey:

  • Packing - The picked cherries are carefully dried, processed and packed into airtight bags before being shipped to the importer here in the UK.
  • Storing - The importer then stores the beans in appropriate conditions until they’re ready to be distributed to roasteries.
  • Roasting - Upon receiving the beans, they are roasted on demand to ensure optimum freshness.
Brewing Fireheart's Sebastian Gomez coffee in a cafetiere

Gold standard Pink Bourbon coffee

With its complex yet comforting flavours and presence, it’s almost irresistible if roasted right. Expect tasting notes of rum, raisin and passionfruit, alongside an insatiable desire to drink more!

Serving suggestion

Provided you have a high-quality grinder, order your Sebastian Gomez coffee as a whole bean and use when needed for your brew of choice. Alternatively, depending on how you like to prepare your coffee, you can choose between these grinds:

  • Coarse - Ideal for cafetiere or French press aficionados. Leave your coffee grind to brew for about four minutes before plunging and resist the temptation to stir the coffee for best results!
  • Medium - Is there something more cathartic than drip-brewing your coffee with a V60? Not only does it yield a tasty cup of coffee but, for the 2-3 minutes it will take you to prepare it, you will look good doing it.
  • Fine - The coarseness of choice if you enjoy using an AeroPress, or an Espresso machine. Get that pure, almost undistilled, explosion of flavour with every cup.

Order your Fireheart Sebastian Gomez coffee today as pre-ground or whole beans, or browse our wider range of coffees to find the perfect brew for you.