Sure, you’ve tried a house blend. But have you ever tried a Palace Blend?

The Palace Blend is what we at Fireheart Coffee are all about. Where others provide good coffee, we go one step further in bringing you the freshest beans and grinds, during their peak seasonality and always ethically sourced. Coffee excellence, straight to your door.

That’s why where other roasters provide a house blend, we provide a Palace Blend.

Fireheart Coffee’s Palace Blend

Whether you enjoy a flat white with your breakfast or a long black in the afternoon, this coffee blend is simply exquisite. With taste notes of dark chocolate, morello cherry and candied orange, our Palace Blend has rapidly become a stalwart of the Fireheart community.

A Fireheart Coffee stalwart, available all year round

Living coffee means coffee that is fresh, seasonal and roasted to order. In line with this ethos, our Palace Blend components rotate with the seasons to ensure the best flavour throughout the year.

Coffees in our Palace Blend are expertly selected to ensure the flavour remains consistent, striking the perfect balance between body, sweetness and acidity, no matter the season. So Palace Blend lovers need not fear!

Fireheart Coffee's Palace Blend

Available as coffee beans or as pre-ground house blend coffee

We recommend buying our Palace Blend as a whole bean blend as it affords the most flexibility when it comes to your preferred brewing method as well as optimum freshness. Alternatively, our Palace Blend is available in the following types of grind:

  • Coarse - Ideal for cafetiere or French press aficionados. Leave your coffee grind to brew for about four minutes before plunging and resist the temptation to stir the coffee for best results!
  • Medium - Is there something more cathartic than drip-brewing your coffee with a V60? Not only does it yield a tasty cup of coffee but, for the 2-3 minutes it will take you to prepare it, you will look good doing it.
  • Fine - The coarseness of choice if you enjoy using an AeroPress, or an Espresso machine. Get that pure, almost undistilled, explosion of flavour with every cup.

Order your Fireheart Palace Blend coffee today as pre-ground or whole beans, or browse our wider range of coffees to find the perfect brew for you.