Brewing the perfect Chemex coffee

We’re here to demystify brewing a good coffee and to strip it back to basics, so that everyone can be confident of getting a barista-quality brew at home.

The Chemex is a great way to brew coffee. Easily cleaned and in a range of sizes, it's a timeless classic that makes a great brew.

Follow the steps below to learn how best to brew with a Chemex. And check out our 90-second fool-proof brewing video for extra tips.

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We recommend freshly ground coffee for all brews - save on your coffee with a Fireheart Subscription.


  • 30g Medium-fine ground coffee (somewhere between sea salt and table salt)
  • 500g of filtered water
  • Chemex & paper filters
  • Kettle (Gooseneck)
  • Teaspoon
  • Timer
  • Scales


  1. Place the paper filter into the Chemex and rinse with water just off the boil, this prevents your coffee tasting papery discard this water
  2. Place your ground coffee into the Chemex and begin your pour with 90g of water
  3. Give the coffee a gentle stir with a teaspoon to make sure all the grounds are wet
  4. Continue your pour slowly up to at total of 500g
  5. Once you have finished pouring give the Chemex a gentle tap on the bench, this helps push all the grounds stuck on the sides of the filter to the bottom
  6. Wait for all the water to draw down and enjoy Pro tip: You should aim for a total brew time of between 4-5 minutes with a nice flat bed of coffee at the bottom of the filter.
  7. Serve and enjoy!