Joiner Alvarado

Costa Rica
Taste Notes
Nectarine, White Grape, Fudge

Our Joiner has a sweet and smooth profile with notes of nectarine, white grape, and fudge. A perfect brew for those cool and crisp winter mornings ahead.


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About the coffee

Joicafe, led by Joiner and his family, transformed a chilly area near Costa Rica's highest point into a thriving coffee farm. Initially cultivating vegetables, they defied conventional belief and successfully grew coffee. Joiner, his wife Vanessa, and their four daughters actively contribute, constantly improving and experimenting with new varieties. El Bambu, their farm at 1760 masl, produces Catuai variety coffee, benefitting from ideal conditions and meticulous management. The Alvarado sisters, particularly Wendy, play a crucial role in wet mill operations, earning acclaim for their processing skills. The family's dedication extends to precise harvesting, fermentation, and drying, culminating in exceptional micro-lot coffees.

Costa Rica

Joiner Alvarado 

1760 masl 



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