Fireheart Flight Taster Pack

What better way to get to know our different Fireheart coffees than by having a little taste of our three favourites?

At Fireheart, we are all about bringing you the freshest, seasonal coffee from around the world. 

We’ve put together three firecrackers, each one in a 250g taster pack. First up is our Staple Palace Blend created from Colombian and Ethiopian beans for a dark chocolate, Morello cherry hit. Second, is one of our Specials – the 100% Ethiopian Adola, bursting with blueberry notes. And thirdly, we’ve popped in our super rare Showstopper Gachenege, packing a punch of Raspberry Jam.

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About the coffee

Palace Blend

Unanimously loved by all who've tried it, our Palace Blend has been developed to be our cornerstone here at Fireheart. It represents a change from the norm with fresh, seasonally rotating components that we source to create the perfect balance between body, sweetness and acidity.

It's just as good as a Flat White as it is a Long Black. So when you reach for the bag bleary eyed, take comfort in knowing that while others have a house blend, Fireheart has the Palace Blend.


At Fireheart, we've got a soft spot for Adola. So much so that is makes a regular appearance in our Palace Blend. Adola is what some may call a classic, naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia that's both juicy and floral. Thomas often enjoys it brewed as a French press, so why not offer it as a standalone filter? The coffee is produced in the Woreda region of Adola from coffees produced by small farms in the region. Farmers are part of Kerchanshe's network and receive assistance in terms

Gachenge AA

The Gachenge is a showcase for just how tasty coffee from Kenya can be. Fruity, complex and shimmering with end-of-summer sunshine, this fully washed coffee is produced by Stephen RGG at his farm, Gachenge Estate. It’s unusual to come across a single estate coffee from Kenya as most of the country’s producers are members of co-operatives, so their cherries are normally combined into one blended batch. We’re not complaining though… It just makes this coffee a true standout in every sense! The cherries are handpicked and then pulped before being dry fermented for 16 to 23 hours and washed in clean water to remove any remaining fruit. The parchment is then soaked for 12 hours and transferred to raised beds where it is sun-dried for 14 to 21 days. The result is rather special which is why we’ve got hold of it for you to savour and enjoy into Autumn and beyond.

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