Buku Hambela

Taste Notes
Raspberry, Vanilla Custard, Orange Blossom

New farm, different name but the same amazing coffee. This outstanding lot of Ethiopian Heirloom is from the celebrated Buku washing station located in the highlands of Guji. It's jam-packed full of flavour with an irresistible floral aroma and creamy and jammy mouthfeel.


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About the coffee

This coffee is the second coming of our fan favourite naturally processed Ethiopian coffee. The Buku Hambela was produced by smallholder producers in the Buku village, and was processed at the Buku washing station operated by Esayas Bareso in West Guji. The farms that contribute to the washing station are situated at high altitude up to 2350 MASL, which is some of the highest elevation we have seen - this helps produce Buku’s signature dense beans with mornings and nights being typically cold, allowing for a slower maturation of the coffee beans acids and sugars, which can make picking and drying a challenge but when done as meticulously as Esayas Bareso and his team it creates a complex bean that is bursting with flavour and aromas. Buku as a growing region is gaining popularity each year for this unique flavor profile and it's Naturals are known for being juicy and jammy, this lot showcases these incredible characteristics with delicious notes of Raspberry, Apricot Jam and Orange Blossom.



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JARC 74110, 74112, 74158



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