Shady Bader

Taste Notes
Neapolitan Ice cream, Custard, Biscotti

This coffee's flavour is like something you would usually find on top of a waffle cone! We’re obsessed with its Ice cream-like profile that's bursting with Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and biscuit. Just don't try to lick this one!


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About the coffee

Grown by Shady Bader and his brother Elias at their farm Finca El Eden, this coffee was hand sorted, floated and later exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation for 60 hours. The coffee was then mechanically dried at 35 degrees for 20 hours before being placed on raised beds to reach the optimum moisture content. This micro-lot is 100%, third generation Salvadorian Pacamara. The soil characteristics and Terroir of Finca El Eden give this coffee its unique flavour profile. Big up-front Neapolitan Ice cream gives way to a creamy Custard mouthfeel with a Biscotti finish.



Shady & Elias Bader






Anaerobic Fermentation, Natural

How to brew

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