Maria Elvia - Organic

Taste Notes
Lemon Drops, Black Tea, Manuka Honey

Our second certified organic coffee, Maria Elvia has a sweet and bright flavour profile with notes of Lemon Drops, Black Tea and Manuka Honey. Perfect brewed as a filter or extra tasty as cold brew. 


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About the coffee

During her childhood, Maria was part of a coffee-producing family, and this connection persisted throughout her life. Today, she is the owner of her own farm. Maria, alongside her husband, diligently imparted traditional coffee cultivation methods to their children, preserving their coffee-producing heritage. Apart from coffee, Maria cultivates timber and fruit trees on her farm, providing essential shade for coffee growth. Maria and her family carefully handpick cherries, processing them on-site. They use an ecopulper to pulp ripe, red cherries and then sun-dry parchment and remaining mucilage on raised beds, ensuring uniform drying through frequent raking. The parchment drying process typically spans around 30 days.



Maria Elvia Villeda




Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra



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